Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I escaped. Ran away. To Provo. Sad, but true. After all, I am paying rent right now. I might as well take advantage of an empty house in return for a few days' peace.

Grades were due today at noon. I've been working on them when I felt like it the past few weeks. Yesterday at noon I still had fifteen research papers to grade and a bunch of "minor" points to figure out. Around five o'clock I realized that I had left four research papers in Provo, so I drove back around 8:00. Why the hell am I giving you the play by play? The end of the story is that I turned my grades in at 2:30 this morning--and again, the play by play. Good grief. Moving on.

Watched Intolerable Cruelty with ThirdMango last night. Brilliant film. Not a romantic comedy, thank heavens. Coen brothers. And apparently I've lost the ability to write in complete sentences.

Ladies, gentlemen, and deities, I would like to introduce you to dancingqueen. She is the latest edition to my happy little home. Wait. Scratch that. My life. No happy, no little, no home. Maybe little. I don't know. Anyway, dancingqueen is my Christmas present, my birthday present, my next year's Christmas present, and a decent sized chunk of what used to be my savings account. She is my new laptop. She'll be replacing. . . I guess my desktop doesn't have a name, although it does have a Snoopy cartoon. Hmm. For a while I was determined that dq was a boy computer because I was determined to have some male companionship this next year. But then I read Melyngoch's diatribe on chivalry (okay, so it wasn't really a diatribe, but it's such a good word) and decided that male companionship is overrated. Plus she decided her name is dancingqueen. Granted, that doesn't necessarily make it a "she." Maybe we'll just leave it at "it."

P.S. Saule, next time I'll let you open the door for me. Dancingqueen can't. No opposable thumbs.


B.G. Christensen said...

You would be the coolest person on the planet if your laptop's name were dancingqueen and it were a male laptop.

And that's an objective opinion.

erin said...

Yeah, probably better to be a female. And congrats on getting your grades in. Hopefully your students didn't check grades until after they were done. :)

And no, ARC is not official yet. It will probably be mid-January.

Cinderella said...

I think it'd be a lot funnier if "dancingqueen" were a male laptop, for the reasons that kapkavictim mentions. It is not, however, my laptop. Do what ever you want! :)


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