Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Day More

Last night I was terrified. Those scenes where girls are running through dark narrow hallways alone, but they're not alone because there's a man with a knife or a chainsaw running after them? Yep. Nothing on last night.

Yesterday was shopping with Kapka. Never thought I'd put those two words together in a sentence fragment, but shopping with Kapka it was. And we were marvelous--in, out, purchased, wrapped. Now I just need to find her something.

Then came the one hour break where I nervously anticipated the rest of the night, which began at 6:00 at the Training Table. I'm not really a casually-hang-out-with-people-I-barely-know kind of girl. My acquaintances are many, but the people I'll break bread with? Not so much. But I knew at least a few of the people going and I did want to meet a few more of the people coming, so I nervously drove over to TT. Of course I was the first one there. Of course I was setting multiple mental alarms. And of course I stayed and eventually had a great time. Until someone suggested we move the party elsewhere. We were down to eight people (yes, that actually was the small group). And then I hear this voice suggesting her house. And then I realize the voice is mine.

I gave everyone my address, booked it for the car, and then frantically called my sister. Who was shopping and couldn't hear a word I said. So I called my mother. Something about people coming over and I didn't have any food and no games or anything (even though I knew Latro was bringing the games). She attempted to calm me down. I attempted to calm me down. Whatever.

Suddenly, eight people in my house--and I didn't have to play hostess. Katya and Duchess played the piano, 3M and Asmond fought over the bean bag, and Squeaker, well, squeaked. (Saule and Latro stood around looking very manly.) It was your regular, rather dreadful, Mormons-in-Provo-night-of-hanging-out: Apples to Apples, Taboo, and Do you love your neighbor?

It was wonderful.

My therapist will be so proud.


Saule Cogneur said...

Dreadful indeed, but at least it was the fun kind of dreadful. Squeaker doing her thing for like 3 minutes straight was pretty much the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

And thanks for being outgoing; a little stretching is always good for the soul.

erin said...

You were great.

I'm glad that I came. I hope to see you again soon! And I did make it to work on time (i.e. early to work like I wanted to be). But I still didn't finish my project at work in time. Oh well.

Still need to work on Christmas presents. :)

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me ... You don's have Scrabble at your house?

B.G. Christensen said...

I'm glad you had fun. It makes me feel a little less bad about not following up my casually mentioned invite to come to Vegas with a "Hey, do you really want to come?" Blaugh. Pooh on me. Anyway, I'm glad that you had fun and that we had fun and next time we throw together an impromptu Fob Reunion we'll be sure to channel your budding social energy in that direction. :)

Katya said...

I'm glad you didn't mind that Duchess and I commandeered the piano, and I'm glad we weren't horrible houseguests, generally.

See you on New Year's. :)


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