Friday, December 30, 2005

Orange you glad?

Cheesy title, I know, but absolutely necessary. Why am I so happy? Hmm. Let's see.

Is it because I bought a(nother) Szymborska collection today? No. Close, but no.

Is it because I went to Mimi's today with Kapka? Nope.

Is it because I watched Grease 2 and am now watching the rest of Grease? Don't make me laugh.

Is it because I came home and my house smells like whatever the hell they were painting with? Oh wait. That's a bad thing.

Is it because Melyngoch and I were in the same room for five hours and the universe didn't implode? That's actually a cause for rejoicing, not just gladness.

"Haul ass, kid." Good advice. Enough with the suspense.

Despite the fact that I left Fob an hour or two later than usual tonight, I decided to keep up my habit of stopping at Macey's to grab something to drink and, let's be honest, see if TMG is working. I was determined to talk to him tonight.

But he wasn't there.

I headed to the drink aisle, and decided that tonight called for something a little stronger than Dr. Pepper. Or maybe it's weaker. I don't know. But I decided on Apple Beer in honor of Sven (the kid loved it so much that he painted the logo on his wall). Macey's did have Apple Beer, but the drink aisle was all rearranged. I was checking out their new selection and there--crammed in with all the EANABs (equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages)--was ORANGINA. In both glass bottles and cans. I was so happy I kissed a bottle.

Life is good. Now I'm going to get high and watch John Travolta. Ew.


Melyngoch said...

Hey, I'm rejoicing. Don't tell Master Fob, but I think things if things keep going this well, we could overthrow him any day now.

Is Orangina stronger than Dr. Pepper? If so, I may have to investigate this line of drinking for myself.


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