Friday, December 02, 2005


Fact: Taking medication with Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is not a good idea. Because when you burp, the taste of the meds come back to haunt you. This probably applies to the majority of carbonated beverages.

I've been running little moments through my head. They're kind of nice, so I thought I might share. Some are recent, some not so much. All are wonderful.

The first time I met Kapka. She was poetry editor, I was a wannabe staffer. She asked me to read a poem, but would only refer to me as "scarf girl." Too bad it didn't stick.

Hugging CRad at his mission farewell. Because I don't hug people. And neither does CRad. Oh yeah. And he's short.

The april when oh!resolution and HMP were discussing the possibility of selling their testicles on the black market. And me terrified that my roommates were going to come home.

The first time I read Joe's poem "Why the Virgin Mary hangs in my bedroom."

Last year's Christmas decorations. I think I have a picture somewhere. . . and definitely a post about it.

The april at K's while my roommates decorated for Christmas. I kept getting messages from different roommates saying "It wasn't my idea." I finally got annoyed and answered the phone with "What the hell is going on?" And a rather timid male voice said, "I'm not sure." It was a poor unsuspecting guy from the ward who had stopped by and been asked to call me.

Last night's Fob. It was pretty much perfect. At least, I was smiling.


B.G. Christensen said...

Hurray for perfect Fob! Hurray for smiling!

Oh, and all that other stuff too. Really, happy memories are nice, even the ones that don't involve me in any way. Thanks for sharing, eg.

Tolkien Boy said...

It was only perfect because I shared the ultimate your mom joke.

Which is too brazen to actually be spoken. But I felt it in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bradly, poor poor Bradley, -- my memory. Asking the Sonic lady to let me pay for the car behind me (thinking the two unsuspecting students were just going out for a burger) and getting a bill for $17.35

Yeah that, and launching skinny neighbors off of the luvsac. Bombs away!

JB said...

I hope things are going well with finals, final projects, etc. And I miss reading new posts on your blog. . . but then I haven't read many of the archives. . . that could keep me busy for a while. . .


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