Wednesday, December 21, 2005

From HMP's archive: 30 November 2004

I just found this. I think I must be trapped in some cycle. Big surprise.

You fiend. I start to think you're normal and then you throw this at me. Thank you. But while I'm posting, I just want to note that this conversation did not start because of depression or confusion. It started b/c I foolishly confessed that I was closing up. And although this may lead to another dialogue I'm not ready to participate in, I was thinking that you and I do the same thing in the opposite directions. You attempt (forgive my paraphrasing) to offend everyone so that they cut you off. I find base reasons for dismissing people because, to reverse your appraisal, if I cut you off then you won't cut me off. And poof. My extreme sense of self importance is saved.

Question: Does e.g. stand for "for example" or "editorgirl"? Either way, you should have seen me at Thanksgiving. I spent most of my time reading, in the kitchen, or hiding in my car with a (gasp) contraband bottle of Dr. Pepper. How the mighty will fall.



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