Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Macey's Report

I should just get to the point, which is, as always, Macey's, but I'm going to dawdle along the way.

I went to ThirdMango's tonight to heckle the sinners. And by sinners I mean people intelligent enough to figure out the rules of poker. I got there to find Asmond and 3M's roommate watching 3M play some Japanese video game. After he rolled over the world (or something like that), they pulled out the table to play poker. And somehow I got sucked in.

MorningGlow and Asmond's friend came over long enough for me to almost embarrass myself. (Complete embarrassment would require my caring about the game.) And then came the Macey's run.

We walked into Macey's and there he was--The Macey's Guy. I had gone last night planning on talking to him if I saw him. Tonight I had the same plan in mind, but he beat me to it.

We chatted for a few minutes. He's applying to English grad programs in literary theory. And he had noticed that I had been in Macey's often.


erin said...

Hey hey, looking up!

BTW, I'm a fan of Death Cab. Good, good stuff. Thanks!!


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