Monday, November 24, 2008

(written on a Saturday)

I am a family person. I never thought of myself as such, but apparently I am. And I’m missing my family, actually counting the days when I get to return to Utah and family (and Anna and Danny and Christian and at least one afternoon of Will). Since I just celebrated a fairly embarrassing moment of self-discovery (see post on David Cook), I think I should celebrate this one, with a picture and some of the back-story that will never make it into analyses of my poetry (yes, I in fact do think about some poor fool writing papers on my poetry, and yes, I realize I need to publish for that to happen):

Abby has learned to say my name, or a version of my name. She learned this after I moved and I feel a little cheated. Or very cheated, take your pick. That, and missing Lauren, led to “Dear Sister,” a poem of letters and what can’t be in letters. I’m thinking there are a few more of these to follow, in one form or another.

Seth is at BYU, a fully-grown freshman. When I think of him, it’s most often the shake of his head he picked up when he had long hair and still does with short hair. I know he’s just months away from being one of the most amazing missionaries, but he’s still my baby brother. All this found its way to a still-untitled poem that wasn’t about him, but all of those boys (men?) like him. And him.

During the spring and summer at home, I had Maryn stories to tell. I miss telling those stories. They were funny and sweet and just a little doting (on my part). At the end of the summer, I asked Maryn to tell me stories. She still sends me emails with her stories, which thrill me. She’s living a life that is amazing and I love hearing about her life. Those stories belong in any number of poems and books and etc, but I wonder if Maryn will be the one to write them.


I am listening to David Cook by David Cook, the most recent American Idol. This is the first Idol CD I’ve purchased. Not sure how I feel about it—actually, I know just how I feel about it. I’m celebrating the fact that I called the entire competition when Cook sang “Hello” in the semifinal rounds. I admit to falling for little David Archuleta over the course of the competition (why the hell isn’t his name setting off my spell check?), but that one took time, and I still thought it was Cook’s competition. In celebration of that, and me (finally done licking my wounds when Ruben beat Clay—yes, I voted for Clay Aiken—in my defense, I was young and the boy can sing), here are my top three Cook performances, courtesy of sneaky YouTube peoples.


Always Be My Baby

Billie Jean

And his new single, “Light On,” which I actually like (or maybe I'm just glad that they’ve stopped making him sing “The Time of My Life”):

Light On

And, just because this is my blog and I can do what I like, David Archuleta singing “Apologize” with One Republic, which was brilliant. Charming little devil.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm on my way

I know it's lame to just post a movie after over a month of not blogging, but I need to ease myself back into it. So, a real post will come soon. In the meantime, happiness is your favorite band (or one of them) as puppets:


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