Monday, June 25, 2007

for the love

I didn't know I could be this bored. Not that I should be bored. Teaching, putting away all of my stuff (I moved Saturday), writing my thesis. I'm happy that I'm living by myself. I mean, I can walk around in whatever I want--or not in whatever I want. I can stay up late, not do the dishes. There is noone to make me feel guilty that I'm not aware of their needs, space, whatever.

I hate it.

Right now I'd take 20 girls in a nasty Holland Park YHA over this.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am moving to the basement.

The moving is not the dilemma. The basement is.

The basement is fairly spacious, at least for one person. And I will be the only one down there (except when you all come for mercy visits). But it feels tight, close. The ceiling isn't very high, there is a short narrow hall formed by the end of a flight of stairs. I'm worried it will turn into eg's cave of unwonders.

(Side note: I'm going to kick my brother-in-law if he doesn't stop with the annoying laugh and the baby talk.)

The solution to this dilemma, I think, is to decorate. First step: remove Sister's kitsch. Second step: paint the long wall* in the "living room." But what color should I paint it? I've been thinking blue, but most of my favorite art that I'll want to hang feature deep reds and yellows and oranges. Is there a better color option? And did I mention the really ugly green carpet? No? There is really ugly green carpet.

Any suggestions?

*Actually, I'm only going to paint half of the wall--the top half. The bottom half is going to be white--not off-white, but white. And then I'm going to get creative. It's going to be hecka cool. Just you wait.

P.S. Is Andy Warhol cliché? Because I'm really liking this series:

Everybody by Andy Warhol

Art by Andy Warhol

The World by Andy Warhol
The World

Love Affair by Andy Warhol
Love Affair

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

things i am regretting today

in no particular order

not blogging more while in England

not finishing more of my thesis before I left

not buying more chocolate in England

not taking more pictures like this one

or this one

choosing to go caps-less for this post

also the whole "hard return between items" choice

not stalking Fiyero after seeing Wicked

not emailing Eleka to tell her I saw it on the front row

moving to the basement

promising that I wouldn't choose paint for said basement based solely on its name

voting "no roommate" for next year

not having the guts to get Edgy to choose the color scheme for the basement


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