Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am moving to the basement.

The moving is not the dilemma. The basement is.

The basement is fairly spacious, at least for one person. And I will be the only one down there (except when you all come for mercy visits). But it feels tight, close. The ceiling isn't very high, there is a short narrow hall formed by the end of a flight of stairs. I'm worried it will turn into eg's cave of unwonders.

(Side note: I'm going to kick my brother-in-law if he doesn't stop with the annoying laugh and the baby talk.)

The solution to this dilemma, I think, is to decorate. First step: remove Sister's kitsch. Second step: paint the long wall* in the "living room." But what color should I paint it? I've been thinking blue, but most of my favorite art that I'll want to hang feature deep reds and yellows and oranges. Is there a better color option? And did I mention the really ugly green carpet? No? There is really ugly green carpet.

Any suggestions?

*Actually, I'm only going to paint half of the wall--the top half. The bottom half is going to be white--not off-white, but white. And then I'm going to get creative. It's going to be hecka cool. Just you wait.

P.S. Is Andy Warhol cliché? Because I'm really liking this series:

Everybody by Andy Warhol

Art by Andy Warhol

The World by Andy Warhol
The World

Love Affair by Andy Warhol
Love Affair


heath said...

I feel your pain. The basement is such a let-down after the rest of the house. I'm excited to come see you and hear all about your trip! Ummm, and I kind of like the Andy Warhol pics. I think it's only cliche if everyone else is doing it, which I don't think they are. Well, art galleries maybe.

Christian said...

Without seeing the artwork in question, my gut reaction is that a blue would be a great color to make those other colors pop. Which is what I like walls and art to do.

Depending on your daring (and the art in question), a purple could be really cool.

A brown could be a nice, subtle backdrop for the art, and it won't clash horrendously with the ugly green carpet. (As long as you keep in mind that ugly green carpet clashes with everything, even itself.)

word verification: sxywlhrf — I know the first part is "sexy wall"; I'm just a bit stuck on the last part.

Melyngoch said...

I'm in favor of the blue myself, for the reasons edy articulates. And I'll come visit you for three weeks.

Anonymous said...

i agree with edgy and melyngoch on the blue. go for it. i think the basement will be sweet. pity about the green carpet. had the same problem in that apartment. it was aparently cool in about 1981.

Aislin said...

"HECKA?!" And you know how rarely I use exclamation points. I had to go through rehab (e.g. YOU) to remove that term from my vocabulary. Where do we go from here?


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