Monday, December 26, 2005

Does it show again?

Warning: I (finally) got ABBA Gold for Christmas, which means I am listening (and dancing) to it incessantly. Because there is nothing else to do here. Nothing, from the Greek not and the Danish hing, meaning "Your life when you come home after a semester of working your rear end (can't say ass at home) off and now you just sit around watching the theatrics of home life."

Don't go wasting your emo--tions. Lay all your love on me.

Yesterday passed in a dreamlike haze. Mostly because I spent most of it asleep. Up at 7:15. Opened presents. Decided to take a "nap" at 9:30. Up at 11:00 for church at 11:30. Church, lunch with grandparents. Nap around 3:00. Up at 6:30 when my father came to tell me I couldn't spend the entire day asleep. I disagreed, but obliged long enough to watch Sister and her fiance open more presents. Short nap again. Up again for. . . don't remember why this time. Probably no good reason.

We were supposed to call my brother (on a mission in the Ukraine) at 9:00 p.m. His "not-girlfriend" E came over for the joyous occurence. My mother, to quote another mother we all know and love, "really likes that girl." She is not-so-subtley manuevering to have E as a daughter-in-law in the next two years or so. Add that to Sister and Fiance who still have not yet accomplished that stage in their relationship where they can stand to be around each other without touching each other and my 15-year-old brother wearing the fleece blanket his not-girlfriend gave him for Christmas, and it's been all I can do to not scream out in pain. Agony and pain. Pain and agony. Is there another word for it? No. No there isn't. I just don't belong in this world. I belong in my happy academic world where there is no puppy love and no mothers who really like that girl or this boy and absolutely NO TOUCHING.

Keyboard smoking. Again. That and my sister (not Sister) has effectively drown out the sweet sounds of "S.O.S." with the Entertainer on her new keyboard. Which includes dogs barking and horses trotting and a damn flute that for some reason always sounds sharp.


Tolkien Boy said...

Calvin wants you to know that if he weren't going on his mission soon, he'd date you.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you got a lot of sleep this Christmas, which is what the holiday is all about. Sanity. May the sanity continue to flow.

Merry Boxing Day


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