Monday, December 12, 2005

Blame Tolkien Boy

Bring on the men and let the fun begin. A little touch of sin, why wait another minute?

I really can't type another word. My brain had emptied itself into a 20-page pile of vapid wasteland. Not that any of those words really belong together. And now I need to doctor my 610 group's powerpoint so that we don't completely embarrass ourselves tomorrow. (Although, I must say, writing a paper while preparing a group presentation is the way to go. No one bothers you, no one asks your opinion. They just keep their distance while you go type-type-typety-type.)

None of this, by the way, is TB's fault. I just felt like saying that.


Tolkien Boy said...

It's all my fault. I will gladly claim the credit for anything.

We should have a shake break. Meanwhile, grad school essays are piling up...

Th. said...


Where do you shake break?

I miss Stan's.....


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