Thursday, December 08, 2005



I like the snow. I like Christmas. I like angels and presents and stars and wings and lights. I even suspect I would like mistletoe if I ever had a proper encounter with it.

The Christmas season begins, officially, on Saturday for me. The WC (not water closet) Christmas party. Every year it's a brunch at Little America, which means gluttony to the nth degree. My brothers load up on eggs and bacon and sausage. Sister loads up on fruit, etc. And I sit happily with my cup of hot chocolate chatting with my dad's secretary, who is one of the greatest women in the world. After eating comes presents and Santa Claus. I know I blogged about this last year, but they finally decided that "older" offspring don't have to sit on Santa's lap in order to get their present. Hooray, etc.

This year will be weird, though. Sven is gone and Sister's Fiance will be there.

And until then and beyond then, the end of the semester beckons. Like Kapka calling for you while hanging upside down over the stairs. Not that that has ever happened before.


Tolkien Boy said...

Ho ho ho.

I just wanted to say that. I'm feeling very non-Christmassy, myself. I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things once the finals from Hell are finished, though.

Panini said...

love the way you put the mistletoe comment :) no kidding!

JB said...

Thought: mistletoe is a parasite to large (I forget what kind of) trees.

Does that mean that kissing is like sucking something from someone?

Or does it imply some sort of co-dependence?

I still think it's romantic...

Anonymous said...

I made my coworkers decorate the office today. They are such Grinches, so that made it all the better. California boy just decorated the fake office palm tree. Classic


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