Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yesterday, with white space

Item: one leaf rake.

In order to avoid the wrath of Sister, I cleaned the bathroom. In order to gain the good approval of Sister, I decided to rake the yard, which was covered in enough leaves to make driving up the canyon a redundant activity. Two hours and eight garbage bags later, the yard was (almost) leaf-free. In the process, I wrote about ten posts about the experience. This will suffice.

Item: one editorgirl.

Item: four FOEGs (a term created by Master Fob, to stand for Friends of editorgirl, in this case, Master Fob, FoxyJ, Miss K, and LadyJane).

Item: one Divine Comedy show.

I will be writing a review of this occurence, but I will be leaving the following out of the review: 1) I was hit in the head by a flying piece of candy. Twice. Once in the right eye. 2) My dear friend who opened the show was being quite wonderful until she announced the opening prayer, given by one editorgirl. I froze. People gasped. And Master Fob stood up to let me exit our row.

I don't pray in public. Even when "public" is four people I know very well. This isn't because I don't pray. It's because I dislike the vocabulary and register requisite in public prayers. Hence, the shortest prayer ever offered in public at BYU was offered last night at DC.

I am still recovering.

Item: one digital camera.

Post-DC, Miss K, Kapka, and LadyJane joined me for a few hours of chit chat. In the course of the evening, we wound up on the couch. Miss K and I have been trying desparately to get a picture with Kapka, so Miss K went for her camera--no battery. I went for mine--no film. Finally, Sister produced her digital camera and much picture taking commenced. As demonstrated by the following:

And pictures would be here, but blogger is being mean. Will figure it out and then everyone can see our fabulous selves. Maybe that's it. We're just too sexy for blogger.



B.G. Christensen said...

Oh. I forgot that, when I had written my post about DC in my head, I had included, as a third favorite part of the show, eg's prayer. Drat.

You may have noticed, as evidenced on both Foxy J's blog and mine, that I am not too sexy for Blogger. Double drat.

You may have also noticed, as evidenced by this comment, that I like to insert explanatory asides, or, as Allyn & Bacon calls them, interrupting elements, set off by commas, in the middle of my sentences.

FoxyJ said...

I also hate praying in public, especially for stuff like Divine Comedy shows. I know it's BYU, but aren't there some things we don't really need to pray for?

Anonymous said...

Just four FOEGs eh? I think that's rather short sighted. Was the "four" Mater Fob's coinage or was that you eg?

Either way, consider this my animus to cold shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Make that "MaSter Fob" Doh! -- Freudian slip - Spurred I'm sure by the "Did you watch the sex scenes?" post.

editorgirl said...

PhPh: Not that you'll answer me, but what do you mean "just four FOEGs"? Were there more people there that I knew? A few. But I only had four in tow.

Anonymous said...

didn't realize you were talking "in tow" -- mea culpa


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