Saturday, November 26, 2005

Move it or lose it

Since Monday:

Pride & Prejudice
There is no such thing as a bad Mr. Darcy. He's just the perfect man, regardless of who's portraying him: Laurence Olivier, Colin Firth, Orlando Seale, Martin Henderson, or Matthew MacFadyen. They all make a movie worth watching. And worth watching again.

God's Army 2: States of Grace
It's a well-done movie with some amazing cuts, but honestly, Mr. Dutcher, lay off the sensationalism. Will not be watching again.

I actually watched this twice: once last night and again this morning after I read MF's response to last night's (this morning's?) post. It's an interesting movie--decidedly fodder for a good discussion.

The Perfect Score
I've seen the preview for this a million times, as it comes at the beginning of The Prince & Me, which I only watched part of this week and is therefore not being included in this list (although I can and will discuss it at length with anyone who wants to). Part of the reason I decided to watch it was for Leonardo Nam and Scarlet Johansson. Part of the reason I'm going to watch it again will be the "perfect girl" character. She has a 4.0, but freezes during the SAT when she reaches a story problem about a woman getting on a train in New York. She starts to wonder about the woman, who she is, where she's going, if she knows the man who boards the train three hours later. The end of her story has her going to Europe after graduation, then going to a school she wanted to--and now, every other weekend, when a woman boards a train in New York, she knows exactly who she is and where she's going. I don't know if it's cliche or just terribly cheesy, but I liked that idea. I liked it very much.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Perhaps my current thoughts on this film can be best summed up by the following IM conversation I've been carrying on with my 10-year-old sister (whose name is not Aimee) while typing this blog:

Aimee says: did you see harry potter?
eg says: I just did.
Aimee says: just barely?
Aimee says: did you like it?
eg says: I think so. I'm still thinking about it.
Aimee says: hehehe
Aimee says: it's freaky!
eg says: agreed.
Aimee says: voldemort looks weird!
Aimee says: i mean, he has slits for his nose!
eg says: I know. It's creepy.
Aimee says: did you like it though???
eg says: I told you: I think I did.
Aimee says: you THINK you did
Aimee says: but DID you?
Aimee says: that's my question
eg says: yes.
Aimee says: ok
Aimee says: that's all i wanted to know
eg says: indeed.


Anonymous said...

My tentative comments --
Love Harry P. but did not like the Goblet of Fire. (Too dark, too pubescent dancing, too much Lord of the Rings sensationalism, too little Harry, Ron and Hermoine)

I need to see it again to be sure though.

editorgirl said...

Amen. I'm going to try a matinee again and post a real review.

And too little Snape. The only reason I watch these movies are because (confession) I find Alan Rickman fascinating.


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