Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Seven is a crowd

Typical evening in my pink-accented house: Camilla and her fiance in the kitchen. . . or Camilla in the kitchen and her fiance in the living room studying, possibly with Ashley and her boyfriend. Unless, of course, Sister and Fiance are in the living room. Then Ashley and boyfriend are at the kitchen table. At least until a few nights ago when Sister and Fiance decided that they like the couch in the study better to cuddle on.

Did I mention that my computer is also in the study?


erin said...

Did I tell you that this summer I lived with my sister, whose fiance came over all the time? Luckily I had a laptop. But I couldn't watch movies or anything with them without being annoyed. I learned the art of watching a movie with a pillow glued to one side of my face to block peripheral vision...

Thirdmango said...

I'll have to tell you some of the radical things we did to try and stop a roommate from making out in our front room freshman year, we did some psycho things but it wouldn't phase them.


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