Friday, November 11, 2005

Nothing but blue skies from now on

The white night is over. I apologize for that post. I apologize, but I'm going to leave it there as a reminder to me, because I really did feel those things/that way. And sometimes I need to say it, not dwell on it, and then go to bed (which I did).

Today, however, thus far, has been smashing. I woke up, got ready, and taught class. It was a fun class today, which is always good. We got off on multiple tangents, but I'm learning to structure my class to allow for those. And in the midst of tangential conversation, I can tell that they're getting what I need them to get.

That being said, I'm turning them into DC addicts. Which is wonderful. Yesterday I showed "Math Lab" and "I Like My Women" before class (I sometimes will turn on movies as they're coming in to loosen the mood) and then we brainstormed research topics from "Modern Dance." Today we talked about voice and I still had the DVD in my bag so we watched "Mother Goose." When it was over, my students called for more. I told them they could either do what I had planned for class in class or take it home as homework and watch a clip. We watched "BYU Kind of Life."

There is nothing quite like this BYU kind of life



Anonymous said...

You are an excellent teacher.

Anonymous said...


Impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent.

Just to say


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