Monday, November 28, 2005


Live a life less ordinary
Live a life extraordinary with me

Don't give me that look. This is not going to be another editorgirl musical production. Just a few lines. I'll leave the productions to my brother, the singing wonder. I ran up to Bountiful for a few things today. As I was leaving. . . I was going to say "strains of Phantom" were finding their way up the stairs, but that would imply that it was quiet, peaceful, graceful. This was Phantom (of the Opera, not Planet, Phantom) blasting its way up the stairs, accompanied by my 15-year-old brother's singing. Apparently he does this with various soundtracks and CDs every night until my parents tell him to shut up.

Live a life less sedentary
Live a life evolutionary with me

Yeah, don't know what that means. But this is becoming my mantra. I have an announcement--an announcement and I want you all to be the first to hear (name that movie)--eg is broken.

Well I hate to be a bother
But it's you and there's no other, I do believe
You can call me naive but. . .

I need to stop listening to love songs. Or sort of love songs.

I know me very well (at least as far as I can tell)
And I know what I need

There's an epidemic going around, where people google their name followed by the word "needs" because. . . I suppose it's fun. But here's what I really need:

Started a list and then grew annoyed with it. So I'm stopping now. I said I'm stopping now. And telling you the story of the day.

I found a new music group that I'm enjoying. Carbon Leaf. Check 'em out. And I think it's time for a new playlist. Excuse me. . .


Tolkien Boy said...

If you can find songs that aren't love songs, then you are a master finder.

Or a lady finder, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, well i've got "Christmas in Kilarney" stuck in my head. Over and over and over ---

"I'm handing you no blarney. The likes you've never known........"

Joe said...

So I tried the google thing, and result #3 was "Joe needs an editor." No joke. Result #4 was "Joe needs your help." It's like a weegee (true spelling) board or something.

Anonymous said...

My google result . . .

"Phanny doesn't need luck, she needs a bat of some kind to beat off all crazed fans."

Phunny...I've always liked baseball


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