Friday, November 18, 2005

What's done is done.

It's over. I survived, you survived, the audience survived, and "Phunny Phanny" is not my mother. *big sigh of relief*

The high points:

Getting John Bennion to ask Kapka to say the prayer. I don't care if she did enjoy it--I am still claiming it as revenge.

James and Joe reading. There were moments when I forgot that I wanted to throw up/pass out/not be there and it was like every other reading where I'm completely lost in the words and I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next line.

John Bennion calling me "quirky" because of my odd little intro--which he didn't tell us was going to be our intro, but served as such.

Conquering my nerves rather quickly (for me) and then enjoying myself. Who would have thought?

The Q&A. I didn't know we were having a Q&A. It was fun to sit between James and Joe and feel like I just might know what I was talking about (after all, I was talking about me). And it gave me a chance to plug Inscape again, as well as mention the ever popular "Larry the Canary" poem I wrote in third grade.

My mom, dad, and Sister showed up to support. With flowers. And a camera.

Miss K came. So did Kapka, aa, LadyJane, Master Fob and Foxy with S-Boogie in tow, Tolkien Boy, and other people who I was so glad to see, but who don't have blog names.

Mass amounts of hugging. And handshaking. Usually not a fan, but today it was deemed appropriate.

Lunch with Miss K and Kapka--the trinity back together again. And at Mimi's, no less.


Kristen said...

just wanted to say again how well I thought you did.
you were wonderful.
don't stress about it anymore.



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