Thursday, November 10, 2005

visualization and al-lusions

Actually, this post won't al-lude to anything. I just wanted to be clever.

The visualization technique is still working. I've been falling asleep and staying asleep, which is wonderful. I also feel like I've become less productive, but have decided my health is worth it. Anyway, Miss K asked about it and I have yet to get through the whole thing before I fall asleep (isn't that wonderful?), so instead of reading Zizek, I'm going to let you in on the secret.

Visualize (that means imagine) a room. It can be any size, any shape (mine is always round). Choose a color for the walls--or a different color for each wall. It's your room, you can do whatever you want with it.

Furnish the room, but sparingly. (Okay, that's what the lablady told me. I always have huge bookselves climbing the sides of the room a la British Museum Reading Room or Trinity College's library with a few paintings and a small writing desk.)

There is one chair in the room. You decide what it's like, how big it is, where it is, what it's made of, if it's even a chair (I thought about a LoveSac one night, but it just made me miss BetsyJane). Once you've designed it, sit down.

The wall you are facing has been removed and there is a huge picture window. What are you looking at? The mountains? The beach? Editorgirl?

And suddenly you are dragged out of your visualization to reality. Sorry--it had to happen. You're not in bed right now, preparing to go to sleep. You're in class and you need to be paying attention. Or S-boogie is clinging to the back of your chair, waiting for you to read to her. And she is much more important than this blog. Go read to your child.


FoxyJ said...

Actually, S-Boogie is watching Signing Time by herself in the other room while I surf the net. I am a horrible mother and a hypocrite.

Sara said...

Seriously considering this visualization thing...glad to hear it works for someone!

B.G. Christensen said...

Glad to be the target audience.


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