Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Courtesy of Library Communications (darn them)

Students speak out: featured in reading series

Three graduate students will be the guest speakers at this week's English Reading Series, sponsored by the Department of Humanities and the Harold B. Lee Library.

Once every semester, several students from the English Department are featured among other renowned authors and literary experts from BYU and abroad. On Friday (November 18) at noon [eg], Joseph Plicka, and James Dewey will read their own works in the Library Auditorium, and those in attendance might be able to one day tell others they heard them first.

Budding author [eg] could tell you that she loves London, the month of April, contemporary poetry, theatre, John Cusack, and the Muppets. Or she could tell you that she prefers the name "editorgirl," a story she just might tell if you come to the reading.

Joe Plicka teaches English 115 and is writing a novel for his Master's thesis. He recently won the Carolyn Barnes Poetry Award for his poem "Why the Virgin hangs in my bedroom."

Because James Dewey enjoys sound, he writes songs as well as poetry. He is currently working on a Masters degree in Portuguese, writing a thesis on Noemia De Sousa, a poet from Mozambique.

In my defense, I did not give them the phrase "budding author" (who would?) and it was "april," not "the month of April." Oy. Good thing no one will read this. Oh wait. . .


FoxyJ said...

Now that I know you love the Muppets, I have to go. I also know James and like him. But, 12:00 is a bad time for us. If you go later in the program, we might be there. Of course that will also mean barging in to the reading a few minutes late and with Sophie in tow... I don't know--we'll see what we can do. If we bring the child, she will clap for you and we'll teach her how to say "hooray editor girl" before then :)

Anonymous said...

I liked your bio the best! It's not stuffy and shows you are confident in who you are and your writing abilities. Won't be able to go, but would love to if I was able.


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