Monday, November 07, 2005

For Kapka

Item: leaves in the gutter.

After two hours of raking and bagging, my arms and knees and back weren't too happy with me. (Yes, I am a wimp.) Sister had come home and was helping me bag the pile on the strip of grass by the street, but we still had the longer part of the strip to clear. (What is that strip called anyway?) There was already mass amounts of leaves in the gutter in front of our house--I swear the neighbors pulled out their leaf blowers and just shot everything to the front of our house. I decided that a few more leaves wouldn't be too noticable, so I casually pushed the leaves off the strip and into the gutter--stopping whenever a neighbor came out of their house. It was noticable. I didn't care much, but then I had a stroke of brilliance. When I left to run an errand, I made it a point to drive through the leaves in the gutter. Genius. Pure genius.



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