Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oy vey, have you got the wrong vampire.

Happy Halloween everyone. I am (appropriately) listening to Phantom Planet as I write this post, so that explains any sudden lyric-burst.

So to celebrate the most pagan of holidays I bought mass amounts of candy and arranged for a movie/pizza night with the other grad students in my infamous 452 class. We had exactly six and a half trick-or-treaters find our house.

I turn pale when she walks by
I am lost in her eyes
She is always on my mind
She is always on my mind

Movie/Pizza night was only slightly more successful. Out of the four grad students, plus guests, we were expecting around 10 people to enjoy a campy horror flick and eat mass amounts of pizza. Instead, there were three people: me, A and B, who are married (A is in my 452 class and hosted).

I guess it's nobody's fault now but my own. . .

But everyone who didn't come missed out. Excellent pizza and a wonderful movie: The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, Your Teeth Are in My Neck, directed by and starring Roman Polanski. My favorite moment was when a victim-to-be grabbed a cross off her wall and the (Jewish) vampire said, "Oy vey, have you got the wrong vampire." It wasn't until later that we realized that he was Jewish and therefore unaffected by the cross. Classic.


My night being reported on, I have one more thought. Someone commented today on the fact that I hadn't dressed up. I assumed that my not dressing up would be an obvious action on my part, but he was disappointed that I hadn't taken the opportunity to dress up today or at the parties I attended over the weekend. Why do I need to dress up? I'm happy this way. Okay, "happy" might be stretching it, but there were enough Hermiones and Darth Vaders and Green Horses running around campus today.

Although I did think about dressing up as "ladylondon" for Sunday night's party by pinning my Union Jack (which is huge) to my shoulders as a cape.


editorgirl said...

Wait. I did dress up. I went as the girl in the story who wears a ribbon around her neck and tells her husband that he can never untie it. But he does and then her head falls off. Perfect

Thirdmango said...

This is true, which made it even more inviting to take off, because when I'm around heads will roll.

I too didn't dress up, being someone who has no problem dressing up every other day of the year for no particular reason. And yet, I just had no motivation to do so. It was really weird to have no motivation, maybe it was the fact that i wasn't hording candy.

Oh, and I would have come to your party. But being as how I didn't know, instead I watched "From Dusk til Dawn."

JB said...

I would love to see you dress up as LadyLondon, with a Union Jack for a cape. That'd be awesome.

Anonymous said...

The "Oy vey" should have been the give away.

editorgirl said...

je sais, but we didn't catch it the first time through.


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