Wednesday, February 15, 2006

you'll do

I feel a little guilty. Oh, let's be honest. I always feel guilty. But a small percentage of my guilt tonight is wrapped up in the following post:

I knew Carbon Leaf would bring me luck. The song "Life Less Ordinary" made me happy and dance-y. Very few songs make me dance-y. Dance, yes. Dance-y, no.

I arrived at inscape a little late tonight. And by a little late I mean almost an hour late. And everything was going just grand. Prose was reading prose. Poetry was reading poetry. Funny how those things work that way. I prepared to be useless for an hour of my life, but it didn't work that way. I was needed. I was needed. I was needed.

To print out poetry and number submissions and drink Diet Coke. It is absolutely necessary that someone at inscape be drinking Diet Coke or else the world implodes. Don't believe me? Well, just take away our Diet Coke drinker and see what happens.

I hate it when a line ends like that.

Submissions printed and numbered and Diet Coke downed, I needed something just for me. So I turned to my CD case and found Carbon Leaf. I wanted "Life Less Ordinary." And since I'm the editor I can do whatever I want. "Life Less Ordinary" came blaring through the PC speakers--tinnily, but blaring.

Enter the boy.

Some of you have met the boy, who will now be dubbed Cute Inscape Boy. My height, dark hair, great eyes, excellent dresser. And apparently good taste in music. He recognized Carbon Leaf and came to investigate. His favorite song on the album is "Let Your Troubles Roll By." He then inspected my CD case, approving of some and asking about others. And I flirted with him. I often do.

And I enjoyed it. But I felt guilty flirting when I feel so terrible. As if I used the poor boy for my own entertainment, a momentary release from my internal hell.

I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember. Claire, Elizabethtown.


ambrosia ananas said...

Ah, but on some level, you like Cib. So it's not like you're just toying with him, or whatever.

Anyway, I congratulate you on having the most high and holy office of Diet Coke Drinker. Have you tried the black cherry vanilla? (Yes, it is my personal mission to convert everyone to black cherry vanilla diet Coke.)

erin said...

CIB is cute. He is.

editorgirl said...

I'm converted. Is it in cans yet? I've only bought it in two-liters. Not so convenient when on campus.


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