Friday, February 17, 2006

Such a good feeling

I woke up late again. So late that neither showering nor make-up were possibilities. I could only wash my face, brush my teeth (it had to be done), grab some clothes, and haul for my car. I arrived to class ten minutes late. I suspect the instructor would be annoyed with me, except I'm the instructor.

I taught. . . something. . . and then went home for a quick shower (still no time to wash hair and I chose not to do my make-up--oddly liberating) before returning to campus to "loan" LaLa my car until five.

What is a girl to do for almost four hours (when I have the appointment that is keeping me on campus)? Well, if you're eg, you people watch.

I'm not usually a people-watcher. Usually I'm a people avoider. I don't like people staring at me, so I return the favor as often as possible. Today is different. Yesterday I had to write the beginning freewrite for a short story to show my 218 students. I've never written a story before. Yes, I'm a hypocrite. So I'm trying to change that by writing my first story. (Do you feel the universe tilting off balance? Just wait until I show up to Fob with prose.)

I surprised myself by enjoying that beginning freewrite. It actually gave me a place to start. But this writing is like jumping in the deep end for me and I've never been a great swimmer. I spent yesterday thinking out my characters. And I continued working today by hitting the library and now the Wilk lounge (by the ballroom).

So now I'm here, watching people, thinking about how one character would wear that or another character would notice that. And I'm watching the dance class. Somehow dance is fitting into this puzzle.

It's going to be a good day. Whether I like it or not. Whether I'm wearing make-up or not. In fact, I've had good solid conversations with three guys I know today. No worries about appearing attractive. Just focused on the conversation. It's an awesome feeling.

But now they're starting the waltz, so I'm going to go.


Edgy said...

How can you leave when they're starting the waltz? I think I'm appalled.

editorgirl said...

edgy, I wasn't clear enough. I meant they were starting the waltz and I wanted to watch, so I was going to stop blogging.

I hope you read this.

ambrosia ananas said...

I want to read your story, please?


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