Sunday, February 26, 2006

no water no rising

There are answers that I feel I need to offer up on this blog, things people wonder that I should tell you, here in black and white. Well, I'm not going to do that.

The reading went well. I'm getting more comfortable in front of a crowd and was able to change the playlist without freaking myself out. (I read things incommon, Wings, I am coming into my doubt, Garden of the Musee Rodin, Adam, selections from attempts to articulate.)

Fondue last night with Brozy and co. I now know where the State Liquor Store is, if anyone's wondering.

Was quite snappish to TB today at church. I was annoyed with everyone in that room, beginning with the chick who looks like a porcelain doll. There was one attractive man in the room who, as it turns out, was visiting. No one with eyes like that would actually be in my ward.

I can talk the talk, but I can't walk the walk. Meaning: I know what I need to say to a guy, I just never can get up the nerve to say it. Unless, of course, they're of the non-threatening variety. And then there's no point.

I was particularly fond of this postsecret today. I assume that when it was sent it was complete, but I like that it's incomplete now. I think every secret is somehow incomplete, not really the whole story or idea or whatever. And I wonder how many of my secrets I should tell, just to. . . I don't know. I guess my biggest secret everyone knows.


ambrosia ananas said...

Thanks for the fonduing. It was great to hang out with you.

Lady Jane said...

Sounds like a fantastic reading list. Wish I had been there!

Master Fob said...

Oh, you deleted a post when I had a comment all ready to write. I'll put it here even though it will make no sense (it wouldn't have made much sense anyway):

I took your mom for granted last night.

Tolkien Boy said...

You were in no way snappish. Okay, maybe you were. But it's cool.



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