Saturday, February 25, 2006

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1. Dr. Mason has ruined Jane Austen novels and movies for me. I saw Emma tonight at IC with Lady Jane and all I could think was "creepy old man" and this song the EQP in my last ward sang with his roommates about being 25 and single and needing to find girls they could "raise" to be good wives. *shudder*

2. Diet Coke and popcorn do not a dinner make.

3. I've been trying to figure out what I'm reading tomorrow. Right now the playlist is things incommon, Adam, Eve, (possibly) Night (I'm coming into my doubt this winter. . .), and four attempts. I'm realizing that my poetry has a lot to do with mortality/immortality and leaving and a need to establish presence--hence the physicality of many of my poems. Do I add another poem? Or take one out? What about "sum(marry)"? Or "Gender in Classical Mythology"? After all, I am the token female. . . I should sleep. Sleep is hope.


eleka nahmen said...

You should try cheesecake and garlic bread, which DID a dinner make for me the other night.

Melyngoch said...

1. Ruined? Jane Austen? Oh, what a pity. I'm crying on the inside, I promise. It just looks like I'm laughing uncontrollably.

2. No, they make dinner and popcorn.

3. Since the only one I know is "Night," I'm voting for that one.

Weed said...

Hey, good job on the read again. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet you.

Joe said...

Sorry I didn't make the reading. Had friends visiting from out of town with many kids in tow. But I would've loved it for sure. Sounds like you have some versitude I need to see. See? Hear? Hear. I'm babysitting the neighbors baby right now. Listening to Chocolate Genius (check it out), wishing I had the guts to write poetry on my bathroom wall.

Lady Jane said...

Nick will pay for this.


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