Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Comment #16

For the creative writing class I team-teach, there are fifteen stock comments that SHowe gave me (and the students) for reading and commenting on poetry. Pearls of wisdom like "Show, don't tell," "Edit--eliminate flabby words," and "What the hell is this?" Okay. I made the second one up.

I have a new one to add. Number sixteen.

16. Stop falling in/out of love and wasting my time, dammit.


Toasteroven said...

Truly beatiful. You should post the whole list. I read an "action piece" short story by a Grisham wannabe. He's in his 40s or early 50s. I need the list, badly.

Joe said...

What's a flabby word? Is "malnourished" a flabby word? What about "elephantine"? What about "flabby"? Is "flabby" a flabby word? I suspect it is, but I'd have to subpoena its medical history first.

Melyngoch said...

17. Buddy, I can't read anymore of your stuff till they start paying me more so I'll be able to afford afford the therapy later.

(actually written in an email that was not actually sent to a student I TA'd for some time back.)


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