Monday, February 06, 2006

My favorite color is Brian

Ring around your finger,
won't you come out and play?

This morning I couldn't shake a ghost from my past. It started quite innocently. I was blow drying my hair in the bathroom. Blow drying my hair and dancing. What is so ghostly about that? You didn't ask what I was dancing to.

I'm so serious, I'm so serious, I'm so serious, so-o-o-o-o serious.

I kid you not. If you're from Utah or Idaho, participated in an EFY, or have been subjected to roommates of a particular nature, you probably recognize this lyric from the USU-based music group Colors. They were, at one time, the epitome of Mormon cool. We sang along. We had autographed CDs. We went to outdoor concerts. We screamed for Ryan and laughed at Russ's white Mormon rapping. And I, I swooned for Brian.

Okay, swooned is probably too strong a word. But he was really cute, played guitar, and had glasses, which a recent survey established as being dead sexy in the world of. . . well, any world really. He was also married, but as this was a celebrity crush, it was okay. Most of my friends had similar leanings toward Ryan--the tall, tan, handsome drummer. Drummer in the loosest sense of the word.

Russ wasn't married, but we didn't crush on him. Poor Russ. Maybe he's married now.

But Brian, Ryan, and Russ don't matter now. All the matters is the music. And my favorite chorus of all time:

No no no, no no no no no no. No no no, no no no no no.

I'm so serious.


Tolkien Boy said...

Yeah. This is in my collection of music I listen to without telling people about.

You didn't hear that.

Melyngoch said...

Tolkers: I am not surprised. Sigh. I'm giving you CDs for your birthday from now on, and sending you ten-point questionnaires two weeks later to make sure you actually listen to them.

EG: do you know Guster? Guster reminds me of Colors except . . . well . . . they're good. And also bitter.


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