Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Listening to The Shins because that's who the cool kids listen to. (And yes, Master Fob, I know that I should be listening to The Fugees, but the mix you made me is clear on the other side of the room and I'm Lazy.)

I've been thinking. Actually, I've been trying to avoid thinking. And there I go again. The point of the point is to say that I know I'm too honest sometimes and I apologize. I'm not sure what part of my reserved little self breaks down when I start writing, but it's always a huge lapse of judgement and discretion, etc. Of course, my mother is always reminding us that if we apologize for something it means we're not going to do it again. And I'm sure there will be a night when I just need to write and it means so much more when I blog as opposed to writing it and saving it somewhere.

Conferences went well today. I like my students. I think they like me. Whole lot of like in the room, people. At least there was. Now I'm in my very cold very alone house. And there's that silly honesty thing again. I'll work on it.



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