Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Forget about it

Remember when I said this? Well, let's just pretend I never said it. Ever. Let's pretend that I'm on one of those lovely anti-reality TV shows where there's a rewind button or a reverse switch or something that lets me take back everything.

And then I'd go and do it all over again.

Today has been less than perfect. I woke up early to exercise with LaLa. About the time we finished my roommate's alarm started going off. I assumed that she had to be on campus earlier than I did, so I took Lyn Hejinian's My Life to my room with me to read while waiting for roommate to shower. And I waited. And after a dozen pages I must have dozed off. I woke up with enough time to shower, but not enough time to do everything else I needed to do to be ready to teach/participate as a member of the human race.

And as I'm typing the beginning of a not-bad but not-good day, I can see Zero shaking his head at me and telling me that I shouldn't stress so much, that I should just let things go.

And then I see myself kicking him in the shins and smiling.


And I know he's right. I know I should just take a deep breath and get over myself. I should just. . . forget about it.

*kicks Zero*


Toasteroven said...

Darn. I thought those were good goals.

JB said...

hehehe... that's what you get, Zero! Okay, so I don't know Zero, but that was funny.


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