Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Too late to still be awake and thinking

I'm wondering if I can maintain this friendship. I've been hurt so many times. You have hurt me so many times. And I keep returning, keep letting you unknowingly pick away at me. Should I keep up this relationship? Can I keep forgiving you? Can I keep being your friend and keep helping you?

Tonight I don't want to. Tonight I want to yell at you, but you'd never hear me because I'd do it with a smile, just flirtacious enough for you to forget, just like you always do.


ambrosia ananas said...

Does the friendship help you grow? Do you come out, the balance of the time, feeling better about yourself? If not, if you instead you feel continually drained and emotionally exhausted, I recommend getting out. Which doesn't have to mean killing a friendship--just investing your time elsewhere.

JB said...

They discussed a similar thing on Sex and the City last night, did you see it? It was with Carrie and Big (what a stupid name, huh?).

Best of luck with whatever you choose.


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