Sunday, October 09, 2005

Orange piggy bank

Not that there's any money in it.

I'm not sure why I'm writing again. Probably just to clear my mind before I crash for the night, but I keep having this thought and I'm not sure if I want opinions or validations or someone to just tell me to shut up. Probably the last option's a good idea.

I've always maintained that I don't want someone who is on the same career track I'm on. Those of you thinking "professor, editor, writer, etc." might assume that this is because I won't be making any money. I actually don't care about the money; I care about the competition. Let me rephrase that: I cared about the competition.

Lately, though, I've realized that those roles I just listed, while not completely me, are a big part of me. When I talk to people, I want to talk about what I'm passionate about, and I'm passionate about poetry, teaching, etc. There are other passions, but I'm starting to wonder if I could date someone who was on the other side of the interest spectrum, let alone marry them.

Just FYI, my thought process leading up to this excess of blogging was realizing that many of my literary-minded friends have left me or will be leaving me and wondering how I can live without them and their constant input into my far too solitary existence.


KapkaVictim said...

My piggy banks are purple and blue.

Tolkien Boy said...

I think it's far better to have someone you can talk to and joke with. It bogs you down to be constantly explaining yourself.

editorgirl said...

Did your blue piggy bank make a cameo appearance in Friday night's DC?

ambrosia ananas said...

I'm inclined to agree. If you can find enough common ground with someone outside of your subjects of interest, great. For myself, I have a hard time relating to people who can't at least understand and appreciate the language I'm speaking, even if it's not their specialty. I need to be around people who don't think I'm a freak if I make a joke about past participles.


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