Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I found fatal flaw in the logic of love

Good morning everyone. Just as a warning, I'm on heavy pain medication. But, as my friend says, "It's fun to see eg a little loopy." Make that a lot.

I didn't sleep last night, courtesy of my bad shoulder. You didn't know I had a bad shoulder, did you? It's one that mouths off a lot and is basically cranky all the time. Last night it got in a fight with my back, which spread to my arms and legs. After a night of scrambling to find positions that would shut at least a few of my body parts, I admitted defeat and got up, got ready.

Bad Shoulder kept it up this morning as I taught my class, so I finally decided to go home and medicate. The problem is, said medication makes me 1) loopy and 2) sleepy. So I am now even more out of it that usual. Which means I won't make my point very well at all.

The point, or point of conversation if you will, is transparency. How much should you relate to a person you are romantically involved with? How much should be obvious to you? And is it a bad thing if you have to do some work to get to a point of equality in a relationship?

End thought.


Saule Cogneur said...

In my experience, relating is vital to a heathly relationship, but obviousness tends to make people boring, not intimate. Working for something builds a relationship until it feels more like you're beating your head against a wall than sharing who you are. When you hit the wall, you're better off leaving said topic alone for a while.

funny fannie said...

EG - are you in love with your shoulder? Maybe he is just mouthing off to get your attention. You know, the old 3rd grade trick.... I like that girl, so I'll hit her really hard with a dodge ball to get her attention.

In this case I suggest a bag of ice to be applied every twenty minutes -- you know, the old "cold shoulder"

Works every time

Petra said...

I love The Shins. And that is my favorite song of theirs. Yay for good music.


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