Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I have no spine

I actually texted him and told him I couldn't write it, but then he emailed me today and asked if I was going to write it. So I did. (See "To Kolob" post for explanation. And while I'm talking about Kolob, did anyone else see the dance forum today? The Kolob/Ballroom number was beautiful, if a little too showy for my taste.)

Press Release: Michael Johnson running for Centerville Mayor

At 22, most people are deciding what career to pursue, what person to date, and what movie to see on a Saturday night. For 22-year-old Centerville resident Michael Johnson, a decision has been made. Johnson is running for mayor.
“I have been compelled since my early childhood to seek involvement in the community and in government at every level,” states Johnson. “That same drive compels me today to seek opportunities to be involved and active to ensure the community I live in is being run responsibly and that people are being fairly represented.
“I also believe there is not a better way to spend your life than to become busy helping other people. Government provides an opportunity to do that. Although the government is not perfect, I believe it becomes one of our greatest assets when it is employed in our behalf. I want to be part of that, and make sure government performs its correct responsibilities.”
Although some may be surprised that Johnson is running at such a young age, those who know Johnson and support his candidacy are not, including former city councilman Steve Mangel. “I have had the privilege of working with Michael within the Davis School District. He was a student board member on the School Board, and worked on the Davis Reads Committee. His knowledge and background added great insight which helped in both of these areas. He is a man who has the ability to look at a problem, analyze it, and come up with some great conclusions. He is very progressive in his thinking and would be a great asset to the City, the current Council, and City Manager. He is what the city needs: a new person with some fresh ideas.”
In addition to working on the school board and Davis Reads committee, Johnson has volunteered with the Davis School District Foundation, worked as a legislative liaison for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, and represented the Utah chapter of the American Legion as a Boys State Senator.

More information on Michael Johnson’s campaign can be found at michaeljohnson2005.com

It's not perfect, but not bad for less than 10 minutes of thought.


Star said...

This Michael Johnson thing is interesting. 22. Wow

editorgirl said...

I know. Damn him.


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