Friday, October 28, 2005

I love you--don't you care?

I opened the door of the Fobcave tonight to find rain coming down in fierce straight-shots. My first vocal reaction was "Oh crap." (I'm afraid it was. It should have been "Oh hell," but it wasn't. And tonight I choose not to elaborate.) The second reaction was a shriek when I misjudged the width of the river running up against the curb. And my third reaction was to dance. In the rain. But I stopped myself. Logic stepped in and said, "No honey. You could slip and fall. A car could swing around the corner. You could embarrass yourself." So I didn't dance. But I did watch the road on the way home. The steetlights color-bathed the pavement and made the night brighter than day with the reflection off the water.

I do wish I had danced. Maybe I will now.


Special K said...

hi dear...

just wanted to say hi.

word has it you're flirting with our mutual friend.

yes, I mean dickens.

the sophisticate.

Thirdmango said...

I did go out and dance in the rain. It was grand.

editorgirl said...

*eg dances out into the street and begins to sing*

River in the rain
Sometimes at night you look like a long white train
Winding your way away somewhere
River I love you don't you care

*spins and spins and spins and spins. and then a bit of prancing*


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