Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Serious" writer

Tonight was an inscape night, which requires me to make a fool of myself for at least fifteen minutes as we talk about general information. Tonight's agenda was as follows:

1. Where the hell is Mary?
2. Submission forms
3. Party next week
4. Repeat everything I just said for the dozen people who came in late, including Mary.
5. Brainstorm some ideas for advertising

We hit a snag with #5. No one had any ideas. I was pretty tired and pretty annoyed that no one wanted to offer any ideas. . . or even say something. Say anything. Say Anything. John Cusack. "I gave her my heart and she gave me a. . ." Sorry. Back on task.

Someone mentioned funny random sayings, like "Life is futile." But no one was feeling random. So I had the staff do a rushwrite on their life philosophies. I got some pretty funny/random stuff. But one guy didn't want to do it. He was being ornery about it. And not just silently refusing. No, he was vocalizing how ridiculous it all was.

Later, after I came up with some posters from the rushwrites and had printed them to the room where OrneryGuy was working, I overheard him commenting on the posters. "Creative writers are too silly. They need to be serious." Maybe he was just making a general statement, but he's had this attitude ever since he joined staff. He doesn't like the way we run things; he doesn't like the way I run things. He has this holier-than-eg attitude--his ideas are much better, his poetry is much more profound, he can't comment on that because he's read the poem before.

Okay, looking at that maybe I'm overreacting. But it's hard enough for me to take charge of my peers and have things run smoothly without OrneryGuy challenging me at every turn. It makes me miss HMP, who would flip you off but then actually contribute. Or Matt, my favorite inscaper ever, who was flat out smarter than I was, but who was still respectful.

And I am a "serious" writer. Maybe none of it shows up here. Maybe I act a little bit crazy during inscape. Maybe I do eat too much candy. But at least I share.

AND if creative writers were all like OrneryGuy, we'd be a dying breed. Because we'd go around depressing everybody. And no one would marry us. And we can't marry each other because. . . why can't we marry each other? Maybe we should. Who wants dibs on OrneryGuy?


Thirdmango said...

I'd like to call dibs on that candy you were talking about. That's good eatin'. If you need someone to flip him off every once in a while I can do it, you could have a call me button and when it goes off I'll know to come running and flip that guy off.

ambrosia ananas said...

If this guy doesn't like working with creative writers, why is he working for Inscape?

erin said...

Sorry I didn't come--again. You probably could have used me, because on drugs, I am quite funny. However, I was totally forced to go to the last Real Salt Lake soccer game. And of course you know that because I told you at the DC show. But I'll be there next time...
Love, your friendly neighborhood layout guru

KapkaVictim said...

Anti-dibs on Ornery Guy.

And /forced/ to go see the Real? Shame on you having to be compelled to righteousness.

But at the matter of hand...I think creative writers should sometimes be serious--like following some sembiance of order! Did he think that somehow one week's experience gives him some sort of authority over you? Maybe he's just insecure and we should be friendlier. Be friendly, dang it, be friendly.

Th. said...


Sure we can marry if we want, but Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath seem to be more likely combos that Stephen and Tabitha King. Especially should success come into play.

It's much wiser to do what I did and marry a designer. Compliment, rather than compete, you see.

editorgirl said...

I'm sorry, Th, but I have to do it.



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