Thursday, October 06, 2005

I've got my happy face on

I decided that after all the angsty posts, I should write something happy.

I'm thinking.

Actually, I'm thinking that happy is not a word that readily applies to me, ever. Content, yes. Intense, passionate, articulate. . . for me, all these things equate to my somewhat warped idea of happiness.

And now, things that have made me content/intense/passionate/articulate/etc. today:

1. Excellent class today. I used multiple versions of "Rainbow Connection" (Kermit the Frog and Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees), "Such Great Heights" (Postal Service and Iron&Wine), and "Baby One More Time" (Fountains of Wayne, Bowling for Soup, and Chad Michael Murray) to discuss audience and message and the good ol' rhetorical triangle.

2. Talked with Anna. Our offices are right next to each other and we have the same office hour and since none of our students ever come to our office hours, we chat. Oh do we chat. Okay, mostly I talk and Anna kindly listens.

3. Plicka found my blog. This blog. Yes, the great Plicka has found and read my blog. He now knows just how angsty I am. I'm oddly okay with this. And now I'm going to set up a link to his. Ha!

4. I just used an exclamation point.

5. I spent two hours yesterday talking to Hickman about my thesis. I actually feel like I have a valid direction. I then spent one hour yesterday in the library hunting down books on aestheticism. You heard me. Aestheticism. (Good job for K's blog. Wouldn't know how to spell the word without her.) And then, when I was in class but not paying attention, exactly what I want to focus on came into, well, focus. And the best part is, I know I can do it. And it will be brilliant.

6. Yesterday, when talking to the amazing Hickman (last name, not a nickname), another professor dropped in. . . to sing. He just busted out with some Billy Joel-esque song. It was amazing. And then when he paused for breath, Hickman asked him how he was. "I'm cute and cuddly," he replied, then geared up for the finale. I haven't laughed that hard since. . .

7. Just read Tolkien Boy's latest blog to sister. She actually told her boyfriend that she had to hang up because she was so into the blog.

8. Still reeling (in a good sense) from the satisfaction of having direction. Am going to go explore the subject on JSTOR.

9. Listening to my lastest playlist: emotional angst. Two hours of relationship-based music. Am working to organize it and then distribute to all my friends-in-angst. Because I like you. (Yeah, I like you. And I feel so Bohemian like you. Come on, name the band.)


Asmond said...

Dandy Warhols

Thirdmango said...

You know, I find it funny cause I did the same thing you did. I wrote an angsty post and then to balance it out I wrote something happy. However my angsty post was probably my most angsty post as well as my longest, and my happiness post was a poem very quickly done. I hadn't ever really read your posts until today and I actually found them to be quite nice and insightful, gave me some happiness for the day, which was indeed needed.


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