Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cat lady is one word away from cat woman

I love having crazy brilliant (or brilliant, crazy) friends who say things like this to me. This one is courtesy of Kapka. (No comment on whether she is crazy brilliant or brilliant, crazy).

For several weekends my sister L has been going up north with her fiance for wedding planning and bonding time with my mother. . . those are actually the same thing. Which leaves me alone in a very big house. I've tried a few strategies--going to movies, sampling every Provo/Orem fast food joint's fare, going to the library, bookstore, grocery store--but mostly I sit in my house, with the blinds drawn, reading/studying/grading. I'm not going to lie; it's a pretty lonely/depressing existence some weekends. And I'm not really a round-up-the-gang-for-some-good-times kind of girl. So I'll do something with friends Friday night, do the aforementioned on Saturday day, which usually runs into Saturday night, and then go to church by myself on Sunday. The past few weekends have ended with me curled up on my bed around 8:00 on Saturday, clothes and lights still on, waiting for 10:00 to come so that I don't feel like a total idiot for going to bed. Then L comes home on Sunday and I pretend like the weekend was fine.

The scary part (and Kapka's quote) comes from a discussion with my father today. L and fiance will move into the basement after they get married and while I am assuming that L will continue driving to campus with me, that's about it for regular interaction (I hope). I was hoping one of my friends would be able to move into L's room, but friend is worried about selling her contract and insulting her current roommates. Which I understand. But I've been panicked about having a roommate who can't stand me and vice versa. It's happened in the past. Anyway, conversation with father today ended with him saying that I can find a roommate when I want and I don't have to find one by January. Which does take some stress away. But I don't want to be alone. I'm beginning to be terrified of being alone. Another friend's solution was to get married in January or at least by the end of next semester too, but seeing as how I don't date, that's not going to happen. So my options are to find a roommate, find new drugs that make me think I'm not alone, or get some cats. I'm allergic to cats.


Master Fob said...

I vote for the hallucinogens.

JB said...

Good luck with the roommate situation. Maybe someone you just adore will be needing a place to live in January or something. :shrug: It could happen.


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