Sunday, October 30, 2005

like a tapeworm

Relief Society and Elders Quorum were combined today. Sister and I were sitting together, in the same seats we had warmed during Sacrament and Sunday School. We were chatting and I was glancing around to. . . I'm not sure why. I knew Tolkien Boy wasn't there and there isn't really anyone else that I 1)know and 2) want to talk to. But in the process of glancing around, I realized that a nice-looking young man was trying to catch my attention to see if the seats next to us were open. They were, so I nodded and moved my purse.

The NLYM and his roommate introduced themselves as John and Michael, respectively. Sister and I intro'd ourselves. John then asked where we live--this is an insanely spread out ward. I gave him our address and we discovered that they live in the cul-de-sac our house sits on the corner of. Or rather, they discovered that we live nearby.

The meeting began and, with the exception of some peanut gallery remarks, our conversation ended. (When the speaker announced that he was talking about scholarships, Michael cracked, "Ah yes. Filthy lucre.") After the meeting, the guys left and Sister and I began to leave, helping put up a few chairs first. We were searching for our roommate when John appeared to thank us for letting them sit next to us. Sister charmingly "you're welcome"d him and then asked again where he lives. When he told her, I had to add, "You know the place. It's where Dan lived." Dan is our cousin and John was his roommate/mission buddy.

John finally got distracted by another girl, and Sister and I found our roommate and made our way out of the building and home. We got home and while our roommates made dinner for their men, Sister and I worked on homework, etc. Dan (who is dating roommate A) came over. When Sister came out to the kitchen, he commented that he had run into John, who had told him that "he met some cute girls today at church." Dan replied, "You must be talking about my cousin. She's engaged, so step off." I waited (out in my study and out of sight) for Sister to point out that I was there too, but she just laughed.

I know I harp on this too much, but it bothers me. Because no one in their. . . and by "their" I mean "his". . . right mind would describe me as cute. I've had this conversation before, multiple times. But why couldn't John be talking about me? He didn't observe anything other than my exterior today--no scary eg feminist statements made, no allusion to grad school. Does it naturally and obviously have to be Sister? I said something to this effect, but neither Dan nor Sister heard me. So now I'm just going to pout about it. No, I'm just going to continue to be annoyed with my state of being.


ambrosia ananas said...

Forgive me if I don't think you're "cute" either. To me, "cute" is too often someone with that candylike quality so common among highschool cheerleaders. It has a degree of childishness, or at least a lack of class. I think you're pretty, and you're classy, which in my book are far better.

ambrosia ananas said...

And cookies would be great. : )

ambrosia ananas said...
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