Monday, October 17, 2005

Soundtrack for a Movie

I started to ache when I started to think of you.
Wondering how long it would take before I step into something new.
There's so much I can fake.
There's only so much that I can prove.
Well, do it in a minute,
I could go play the fool for you.

New idea for a blog: my commentary interspersed with the lyrics of a song. This probably won't happen often, but tonight it will. As if you needed an explanation.

I like the idea of playing the fool for someone. . . at least, Shakespeare's fool. I've always been overly fond of Feste in Twelfth Night. He knows. He's there, and he knows. Everything. I want to be that person for someone. Someone who understands, but still makes you smile.

Lights, camera, action.
I think I'm going for it this time.
There's something you should listen to.
Could I take you for a car ride?
This is the soundtrack for our movie.
Would you tell me when we get to the best part?
I'll play it for you.
Oh no, I think I've lost this one.
Can we try again?

I've been meaning to write a post along with this song for a while. . . not quite in this way, but when I pulled up the lyrics I couldn't decide what to cut. But I didn't want miles of text and then more miles of text. I know not many love me enough to read to the end, but maybe there's a cool idea in here somewhere.

My life as a movie. The funny part is, right now I'm in the depressing montage scene, where they show you multiple crummy days with only a few seconds of anything really happening. And then things will pick up. I'll meet someone. He'll meet me. And then it will either be a Pretty in Pink or a Some Kind of Wonderful ending. Note: in PiP, I'd be Duckie. In SKoW, I'm Watts.

Well I'm a wreck.
I really can't explain it but I,
I hear the music when I look at you.
Orchestrating the song to accommodate the moment.
Well, I'm so in love with you.

I'm putting together a playlist to "accommodate the moment." This song is, of course, there. And some Death Cab, in honor of my missionary brother. Well, that and I'm currently listening to "I Will Follow You into the Dark" on repeat. I'm not sure why I'm so addicted.

Are you looking for an answer?
Because I could really use a friend tonight.
We can make this last forever.
We don't have to fear the sunlight.

Well I'm a wreck.
I really can't explain it but I,
I hear the music when I look at you.
Orchestrating the song to accommodate the moment.
Well, I'm so in love with...

Things eg has been told recently:
1. eg's hair is blonde and she should quit blogging about it.
2. eg worries too much.
3. eg needs to quit apologizing.
4. eg just actually might be a people person. . . if she ever met people.
5. eg blogs too damn much and needs to slow down. One blog every other week would be enough for everyone, thank you.
6. eg should do her homework.
7. eg should stop making lists.
8. eg can be replaced.
9. eg is not pretty.
10. eg needs to be assertive. and loud. loud and assertive.

I'll take a chance and steal away this movie moment.
I'm in deep whenever I'm with you.
I'm directing the scene that has you and me forever.
We'll I'm so in love with...

Guess what? I am so in love with you. Pity you don't know who you are.


Master Fob said...

I have several objections, but I particularly object to #s 5 and 7. Just so you know.

Asmond said...

I do, I do!

Yeah, I'm going to back the MF here on #5, I love reading your blog. Also 8, quite human can ever be replaced.

Anyway...I liked the post. And I'll add one to your list, "EG needs to work on realizing that God loves her."

editorgirl said...

eg know that God loves her. If she didn't, she wouldn't be here right now.

eg will now stop posting in third person. even though it's fun. And I'm glad you (you plural) like my blog. I'm also glad that I got to know Master Fob so that there is always at least one comment on every post. Maybe my next post will be tenpoints for MasterFob. Definitely a possibility.

KapkaVictim said...

I like it. I think about life like a movie sometimes. Since I was in junior high, though, I have realized that, like Prufrock, I am not the main character. I'm just the spear carrier in the back. At best, I am the comic relief. At worst, I am the comic villian. In between, I am not comic at all, but an earnst, over-eager sidekick.

I will make you a list. You'll like it.

phunny phanny said...

If EG is Watts, then I'm Duncan -- There's something great about grinding away frustrations or making art with a Bowie knife.

Why is it we all want to "play the fool?" I'd much rather find someone who either makes me not care at all that I am a fool -- or that I don't have to play anything for. Just enjoy reality with...

Tolkien Boy said... have created the first non-phallagocentric blog I've read today.

Thanks for the music, again. I'm blasting out the Bollywood...

A. Allen said...


i was going to post something deep and searching about your post and what i think about it, but its not the place for it and i just woke up from a nap. but, i am very disapointed i didnt get my hands on that death cab album last night. careful with them though, theyre like a drug.

editorgirl said...

AA: You forget. . . actually, you don't know. . . how well I'm acquainted with Death Cab. If you want it, come and get it.

PP: Who are you? I hope I know you because I want to know someone who knows SKoW enough to know Duncan.


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