Sunday, October 02, 2005

Im mature

So I came home (home home, Bountiful home) Friday night to find Chad's wedding announcement. I freaked out. Not that I want to date him again, but how dare he move on with his life when I'm still stuck in a BYU singles ward?

I freaked out (again) today when I actually looked at the announcement and realized that Chad has been Mr. Tiffany Thurgood since Friday afternoon. Weird.

So I shredded the announcement. And the picture. Say it with me friends: catharsis.

In other news, I feel sorry for anyone who didn't get to see me today. Because I look hot.


KapkaVictim said...

I would propose to you right now if I were not a hampster. And a woman-hampster. You'd say no (I'm used to rejection), but I would propose. And then, when you said no, I would get all Dantian and write wistful poetry about you, be unsatisfied about my life that is and wait for you to die to lead me into heaven.

As is, I think we should have a girls' night. And my halloween party is coming.


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