Wednesday, May 17, 2006

deconstruct your world until you account for it

The eg breakdown. Or break down. Whatever you prefer.

I was watching Hitch Monday night with Virgina and Lady Jane. This was after dinner at the India Garden, picking up Tolkien Boy, rice pudding at Pudding on the Rice, She's the Man at the dollar. It was late and admittedly in that frame of a few hours where you go beyond social constraints to complete unabashed honesty.

So I told Tolkien Boy that I'm in love with him.

Um, kidding.

Actually, I dropped TB at his place and headed to Virgina's to meet up with the girls, at which point in time we mostly discussed about how gorgeous this gentelman is. Channing Tatum, model turned Amanda Bynes' co-star in She's the Man. Really cute. And not my usual type.

So what was on my mind? Men, of course. I probably do have areas of my brain devoted to other topics, but they aren't getting much play time lately. Must find new topic of conversation/thought. . . . Really cute.



Anonymous said...

I agree that he's really hot. Yeah. Wow. Nice picture find.

Aislin said...

I admit I have never thought of you in association with a shaved/bald head. I'd always pegged you for a distinguished (possibly premature)grey.
Scripture of the day: 2 Kings 2:23-24

Tolkien Boy said...

This is hardly a good picture of me.

Saule Cogneur said...

It's hardly a good picture of my opinion. I suppose that's why I'm not typically attracted to dudes.

Anna B said...

What?!?! So, ok. He looks like he may have less brains and more looks. But let's not judge too hastily, and let's give him points for a nice suit.


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