Thursday, May 04, 2006

about an editorgirl

"Do you want to hear my life story? Cmon. It involves fire eating and a midget." Quinn, Everything You Want

So, am I alive? Yes. What am I alive from? Not a clue.

I just turned into. . . I mean, turned in my grades. It's always. . . and by always I mean the past two semesters. . . a time of guilt and reflection, reflection and guilt. Does he really deserve that grade? In either direction? Was she just kissing up or did she really mean what she wrote in her letter/memo? How am I going to change next semester?

And now that my pondering on grades is over and done with (almost), I'm watching a few minutes of Everything You Want while I type this. Multitasking. It's a gift. EYW, on the other hand, is more a 90-minute DVD of insanity that's giving me weird ideas. . . ideas along the lines of either inventing or hiring a long-distance boyfriend to avoid the joy of this semester's singleness in front of my students. (Once I get out of Provo, this won't matter, right? Right? Anyone? Anyone? Please? I'm begging here.) I figure as long as he looks like Nick Zano or sounds like Orlando Seale, I'm good to go.

This is depressing. What I should be writing about: sending poems out, writing poems, workshopping poems, trips to Macey's and Borders and Barnes & Noble and Target, tomorrow's Fob, putting together a supplemental writing group with KJ, etc., etc., etc.

"Your face is good." Calvin, EYW

And when I reach this point, I should go to sleep.

P.S. And for those who were interested, I have {proof} again. We should watch it.


Saule Cogneur said...

I would more than happily be your token boyfriend.

You are not the first one to come up with this idea, and today is not the first time I've offered to fill the position (though I don't have the voice or the looks).

Be ye warned however, the last time I offered, I ended up dating the girl for a couple months (poor girl go a bit more than she bargained for).

Katya said...

Once you get out of Provo, being single does not matter. I promise. (Except to the Mormons. It will always matter to them. But you can always go inactive, right?)

Aislin said...

I have officially come to the conclusion that grapefruit flavored mentos are not sold in Illinois. I have looked everywhere. So. Romantic status does not have nearly so much clout outside of Deseret, but at what cost?

Melyngoch said...

I'll be your token girlfriend, if you want to really settle the question.

Anonymous said...

Let's watch Proof!

Th. said...


I am solution free.

That's why people love me.

Unknown said... The webpage for EG.

stevesie said...

Speaking of midgets, Heaps and I totally got rejected by a "little person" of the J-Dub persuasion just yesterday, to which Heaps said, "Wow, I've never been rejected by a midget before."


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