Wednesday, May 10, 2006

buzz goes the phone

What should I blog about? How about Lady Jane and our not-so-newly found Third Musketeer, which LJ and I have just now (I'm serious, just just now) nym'd. . . nevermind. Jane is too busy finding out who was booted off American Idol tonight. And I wish I could tell you, but she's too busy freaking. . . Chris. Chris got booted off. This is because last night Chris was the incredible singing mannequin. Yes, I watched. Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

So, the Three Musketeers. Why do I need to name every group I take part in? How about because it makes life easier for all of us? Or just because I'm cool like that. Or because I like names and words and everyone knows Three Musketeers are low in fat.

You've been introduced to Lady Jane before, but I'm not sure if you've really met her. She's a babe. Well, we all are. Maybe I should get out what else we all have in common: all female, all English grad students, all. . . there was something else, but I forgot.

Lady Jane is from Washington, some place with a really long funny name. Served a mission in New York. She is studying the Gothic novel or something like that. I really need to get to know my best friends better.

As for the third. . . we'll call her Virginia, due to her thesis topic, the late great Virginia Woolf. And no, number three/Virginia is not suicidal. I don't think. I really should check this stuff out before I make friends. A survey or questionnaire or something. She's petite in stature, not so much in personality. (TB, this is your opportunity to triangle us. And then I'll growl at you and you'll tell me not to look at you that way and I'll slug you and this isn't about you anyway.)

Virginia is from Vegas, which happens to be where our dear friend (yes, D'Artagnan) is getting married on Saturday. And we're going to road trip. Road Trip! We leave Friday, and while it won't be as acclaimed the December Fobtrip, this will be an interesting tangent. . . and now we're going to watch {proof}, because that's what we do.


Anonymous said...

I'm flattered. All for one and one for all! We're off!

Tolkien Boy said...

I would put you at blue and Virginia at red and Lady Jane at yellow, but I have no idea if that's even close to true because I:
1. Have never met Virginia (though I can't wait to)
2. Have never seen you interact with Lady Jane except when I was there doing my orange monkey routine
3. Am always criticized for my trianglization of people by those who know and those who don't
4. Am out of milk
5. Never even spoke to my first crush out of a terrified tongue-tied fear
6. Have Victorian parents of the very best sort
7. Once washed a bull with dish soap
8. Eat plain pasta periodically
9. Have an imaginary mole on my right cheek
10. Realize this isn't about me, anyway.

And I have no idea what you're talking about with LaLa. La La, Lemon?

Kristen said...

tb. that post was more random than a rollerskating hampster.

Erin aka- absent-minded secretary said...

You know the Banenaked Ladies' "'L' Song"? You just went way up in coolness points!

Tolkien Boy said...

I knew it even when it was a Sesame Street song with Ernie and the since-passed-on Bert.

Erin aka- absent-minded secretary said...

Bert is dead!!!! How did I not know this? Trauma!!!

Yancy said...

i just want to say that I'm in New York right now, and that I served my mission in Las Vegas so this is like a crazy little connection I have going with this post and with Lady Jane and Virginia Woolf. :)


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