Tuesday, May 23, 2006

All the good men

I think sometimes I whine about men/guys/boys so much on this blog that I forget to mention all the many brilliant, wonderful, good men in my life. And while it is easy to acknowledge my dad and brothers here (I'm such a Daddy's girl), it's a little more difficult for me to honestly straight up say that I have amazing guy friends.

So where have they gone? Nowhere, at least not yet. Perhaps it is the great irony of this single girl's life that the men I connect with are the married and the unavailable (for various reasons that I'll let you boys discuss if and when necessary). April and Fob both offered up some great guys for me to bond with, and then the grad program gave me this brilliant circle. How many groups of guys would call a girl like me over to their table to talk shop? (And by shop, I do mean creative writing.)

And I have to pause. Because some of them are gone, some are going. The difficult thing about guy friends is that they don't seem to stick around for a long time.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to throw this up, as an emotional shout out to all the girls who find themselves in a similar situation. In desparation I asked one of the marrieds where single men in Provo are. I hope he doesn't mind my sharing this. I'll keep his identity a secret, unless he wants credit. And then all the world will know why he is my hero. (I'm so sneaky.)

Warning: This may come off as elitist. I’m sorry I don’t know where single guys hang out, although, in all honestly, I don’t think you need to know. We graduate student-types tend to gravitate toward people we meet in activities that interest us, not meeting people during hang-outs. Of course, you know this, I realize that, but I felt the need to say it. In other words, peoples like us are brainy, so you’ll probably meet your future husband while he’s teaching immigrants English or curing infectious diseases or reading voluminous tomes of “lit” that would render most humans’ brains into slurry from overexertion. Yes, trying to maintain patience bites the proverbial big one. I’ve been there.


Tolkien Boy said...

Ten points for "slurry."

And I don't know where the single men are. Except that I live with them, mostly.


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