Friday, January 06, 2006

The Waiting Game

Marz and I (plus our cousin Kimber) went up to the temple to see LaLa and Jeremiah come out. (The Jester had to go to school--or wanted to.) I don't have much time to elaborate (I left pictures early so I could write without my mother freaking out too much. LaLa and my father, on the other hand, understand that this is the only way I'll maintain my sanity today.) So, in the words of Visa:

one wedding photographer for one hour: more than anyone should get paid for doing anything
one digital camera in case the photog doesn't get everything: a lot
one wedding dress: more than your life is worth if you get grass stains on it
one bracelet to match the funky earrings that match your funky jacket: $7 (Please note this is my mother, not me.)

The look on Uncle Steve's face when his English MA niece knew who Vince Young is: priceless.

P.S. Did I mentioned that they're now married? And her hair looks fabulous.


Master Fob said...

And what about your tie? How's the tied going over?

KapkaVictim said...

Congratulations on getting an in-law. It's a little like adoption papers coming through.

I never got to see your bridesmaid outfit.

Cinderella said...

She looked great. Really.

Today was funny. A lot of my fellow servers asked what I was doing there last night. :) A couple of them almost didn't recognize me in regular clothes with my hair down. :)

I hope you survived and are doing well.


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