Friday, January 06, 2006

Rise and Shine, Campers!

Good morning. Welcome to the day of. I'm going to try to post whenever I can today to keep a running total of the day's insanity. This is primarily for Sven, although I'm sure my mother will request a copy (which will be edited) and then it will get passed around to the family. Because let's be honest--everyone is too stressed to pay attention to what's going on.

5:55 a.m. Not every entry will start with a time, but this one has to. Because this is when Marzipan's alarm went off. Let's review. LaLa is the bride. Marz is the little sister. Why was her alarm going off that early? I'll tell you: I don't know.

One of the top three I-will-be-annoyed-at-you-for-an-unreasonable-amount-of-time offenses (in my book) is turning off another person's alarm. So I put the pillow over my head and tried to ignore the incessant beeping. I had it muffled out pretty well when I heard another sound. "LaLa. LaLa. You have to get up." Marz had set her alarm to wake up LaLa. Unfortunately, she thought I was LaLa. (For the record, I'm not.) I pulled the pillow off of my head and looked at her outline. "I'm editorgirl."

"Oh." pause "I thought LaLa was sleeping up here."

"She is."

"Then where is she?"

"In the Jester's room."

"Oh. Okay."

Marz left to find LaLa and I settled back into the covers, ready to sleep for at least thirty minutes. And then: "EG! EG!" I considered not recognizing her, but I rolled over again to see LaLa at the edge of my bed.

"Did Marz find you?"

"Yeah. Can I have a razor?"

"I left them on the bathroom counter." So that you don't have to wake me up.


"Welcome." I start--again--to let myself sleep. And then: "Oh. I'm going to wake you up in twenty minutes to help me with my hair. Is that okay?"

Let's face it. I was awake. Actually, you don't have to face anything. As I'm writing this, you're probably still asleep. At least, I hope you are.


erin said...

I am incredibly impressed that you can get on the computer the morning of your sister's wedding. Maybe it's because you have a laptop in your room. At home I don't. And I would have been shot if I even though about getting on a computer. Computers were absolutely off-limits. And I'm so happy we didn't have to get up that early. Both of my sibs got married early afternoon.

erin said...

Oh and you will actually enjoy the fact that you documented all of this for the insanity later. I wrote up something similar afterwards and my family just loved it. Too bad the wedding party missed the part where I turned on the Numa Numa song loud enough to hear it all over the house...

FoxyJ said...

Reading stuff like this makes me feel bad--I really hope my wedding wasn't hell for the rest of my family. It was a pretty fun day for me...

KapkaVictim said...

pillow mints?


What fun /could/ it be?

And my word verification is aheww, which perfectly describes my sneezing.


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