Monday, January 09, 2006

Provolone, or Alone in Provo

Title courtesy of AA and his comments on my favorite kind of cheese.

"Be subtle, mysterious, seductive. (laugh) Why don't men come with instructions?"
The Mirror Has Two Faces

He made the joke, it required a post. But it's scary how appropriate it was--is. The joke and the post.

Today officially begins round two of my Alone in Provo year. LaLa and her (now) husband are now safely removed to the basement. My new roommate--who has yet to earn her online moniker--spent most of the evening on the phone with a mission buddy and left early this morning. I got ready (I'm just going to add that I looked, and still look, fantastic today) and headed to campus to teach my class.

I was hanging out in the TNRB atrium before class and noticed a guy and he noticed me. The next time I saw him, he was sitting in my classroom. Oh well.

My first class of the semester of was creative writing theory with KJohnson. KJohnson and four guys. That's right--with the exception of the professor, I'm the token female. Since when do English classes have a token female? But I'm excited for the class and am anticipating it making several appearances on the lifestyles of the alone and boring. We're going to be looking at and talking about texts that fall somewhere between prose and poetry. That sentence looks and reads dully, but if you know me, you know I'm excited about it.

AA offered lunch and I accepted, so we headed for the CougarEat with JeffT in tow. This doesn't sound very Alone in Provo, does it? Wait for it. On the way we ran into someone. And here comes the AiP part. I'm terribly attracted to him and I have no idea what to do about it. AiP indeed. AA told me to play the game. I have heard of this game, but as with most sports, have chosen to ignore it. No idea what I should do. And does anyone ever win? Because I don't like to play if I can't win.

Ah well. Pass the provolone.


Uffish Thought said...

I keep trying to read "AiP" as "ape."

Would you say you're going ape over this situation? It might simplify things.


erin said...

So I've been thinking about a comment you left me...

How long are you planning to live at your house? Because since ARC is leaving me (it will be official as of the 15th, btw) I do need a place to live... depending on whether or not I get a new job, I'll probably be in Provo for another year... When would I have to tell you for sure if I wanted to move in after April?

KapkaVictim said...

Hey. You're cool.


Thirdmango said...

"spent most of the evening on the phone with a mission buddy"

As i read this line my natural thought was, oh she's calling her missionary who's still in the mission field. But then I remembered, no, not all missions were like my mission. Ha.

Tolkien Boy said...

Go for it. The attraction thing, I mean. After all, it's better to be attracted to someone and not get them than to have the creeping sensation that you'll never be attracted to anyone ever again...

Th. said...


It's funny, the things you miss....


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