Friday, January 27, 2006

pamplemousse, or Arty Chokes Three for a Dollar

Macey's and Mentos. I've been to Macey's a dozen times this week and every time I've bought at least three packs of pamplemousse (pink grapefruit) Mentos.

Today I went to buy eggs for brownies. And pamplemousse Mentos. But there weren't any. Licorice, Green Apple, Cinnamon, Sours. No pamplemousse. I went and grabbed a few other things, then returned to the bin of Mentos by the register. I saw a glimpse of pink at the bottom of the bin and started digging. This continued and after a few minutes I had seven packs of pamplemousse Mentos and the bin had none. I walked to the register, feeling quite pleased with myself.

I returned to Macey's tonight after an evening of manic fobbing. Well, it was manic on my part. I actually had the perfect plan to approach Macey's Guy. I was going to give him a flier for tomorrow night's (tonight's?) Open Mic--with my number on the back. And tell him that he should use that number.

He wasn't there. Trust me. I looked. But there was something else--pamplemousse Mentos, three for a dollar.

Tonight I would have rather had the man.


FoxyJ said...

By the way, thanks very much for the Mentos. They made me feel very happy inside. I think I need to take a trip to Maceys and stock up.

Saule Cogneur said...

"Pamplemousse" is a pretty elaborate word for some candy. Maybe grapefruit sounds more exotic that way.

Lady Jane said...

The cinnamon mentos aren't bad either if youre a cinnamonny type person. Or the stawberry ones. Maybe it's just the pink color? I must hunt down these new ones.


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