Saturday, January 14, 2006

Be a good nerd

Of course I shouldn't be posting. I should be in bed, asleep. Perhaps I can calm at least 57% of your motherly instincts by telling you that I am in bed, posting. Yeah--whoever decided a laptop was a good idea for me wasn't too smart.

But now that you're all here, I'd like to begin the meeting. Hey! Over here! QUIET! Look everyone: this is Quiet Coyote. His mouth is shut and his ears are listening. I'm not kidding, Kapka. Quit smiling. Now for the agenda.

1. Where the hell is Sarah?
2. Give me the damn pants.
3. It's a tradition; I've been rejected traditionally for the past 23 years.
4. Enough drama.
5. Take K out and you take out the fun.

This is not supposed to be a weepy post. In fact, I suspect that I will circumlocute all possible topics of weepiness. Or not.

The trinity met for the last time for the next nineteen months. I suppose it's blasphemous to think of us that way, but there isn't another word that matches what we are. Triumverate? And that's as much as my brain can handle.

I feel responsible for many things tonight. Things that aren't my responsibility. TB would point me to my corner of the triangle to sit and consider what I've not done if he were here, but he's not. Instead it's just me and this funny feeling in my stomach that feels like guilt. Or it could be that I didn't eat much today.

I don't know what to do. And I wish that someone would just tell me. TB and Master Fob came very very close to telling me last night and I obeyed, to a certain extent. I know how to handle most situations, at least most situations that I can logically assume I'll find myself in (watching Lost tonight with Uffish causes me to question that statement). I don't have the answer for this situation. Is it to become someone else? Is it to ignore whatever it is I feel? Am I overdramatizing this? Am I overanalyzing? Should I even give a damn?

Played True Colors tonight. It's amusing to find out what people think of you. Even more amusing to find out what you think of yourself.


Tolkien Boy said...

I hope I'm not as prescriptive as I sound!

For what it's worth, it's been a pretty weepy time for me lately, too. Could it be the cold winter months?

Because, from the smell in the air, spring is around the corner...

KapkaVictim said...

I just hope you didn't hate it. I'm always worry when I invite anyone but the Trinity.

All things crumble, all things pass

into a dark and lonely place she is going.

KapkaVictim said...

Eh, that was too melodramatic. Fewer poetry quotes.


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